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Florianópolis: “The Magic Island”

Aerial view of Florianópolis coastline with text "Explore Florianópolis with Atlas UK Travel
Explore Florianópolis with Atlas UK Travel

Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina state in southern Brazil, beckons with its unparalleled natural beauty and captivating attractions. As you embark on a journey to explore this enchanting city, let Atlas UK Travel be your guide. With our expert insights and tailored itineraries, immerse yourself in the wonders of Floripa like never before.

Unveiling the Charms of Florianópolis

Nestled predominantly on the picturesque Santa Catarina Island, stretching 54 kilometres in length, Florianópolis is renowned for its pristine beaches, including popular tourist spots like Praia dos Ingleses on the northern tip of the island. The city's crown jewel, Lagoa da Conceição, a saltwater lagoon, allures windsurfing enthusiasts and boat excursion aficionados alike. The iconic Ponte Pedro Ivo Campos links the island to the mainland commercial district, seamlessly blending urban convenience with natural splendour.

Embark on a Journey to Campeche Island

 Aerial view of Campeche Island's pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush greenery.
Discover Campeche Island

Set sail to the breathtaking Campeche Island, a National Archaeological and Landscape Heritage site, protected by IPHAN since 1988. Accessible only by authorised boats from three different points—Barra da Lagoa, Armação, and Campeche beaches—this coastal gem boasts pristine white sands embraced by lush Atlantic Forest. Explore its crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, surrounded by rugged cliffs and vibrant flora, offering an idyllic setting for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

Dive with Turtles in Floripa

Divers exploring the underwater paradise of Xavier Island, encountering marine species and experiencing the aquatic ecosystem.
Dive into Xavier Island

Delve into the underwater paradise of Xavier Island with a unique diving experience perfect for beginners. Encounter a myriad of marine species while gaining insights into the intricacies of the aquatic ecosystem. Join us for an unforgettable adventure blending thrill, education, and comfort-a must for those seeking a profound connection with the ocean.

Parque Unipraias and Laranjeiras Beach

Aerial view of Parque Unipraias cable cars traversing through the Atlantic Forest, linking Camboriú Beach to Laranjeiras Beach.
Explore Parque Unipraias

Embark on a journey of awe-inspiring vistas and nature-bound escapades at Parque Unipraias. Traverse the park's 47 state-of-the-art cable cars, linking the southern end of Camboriú Beach to Laranjeiras Beach. Ascend to the heights amidst the Atlantic Forest, indulging in adrenaline-pumping activities like Mountain Sled, Zip Line, and Enchanted Forest (not included in park admission). Descend to the final stop, Laranjeiras Station, where the eponymous beach awaits—a haven for families seeking tranquillity amidst scenic beauty, complemented by a myriad of bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

Florianópolis Public Market: A Cultural Icon

Interior of Florianópolis Public Market with bustling aisles and people enjoying local delicacies.
Explore Public Market

Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of Florianópolis Public Market, hailed as a pinnacle of artistic, historical, and architectural heritage on Santa Catarina Island. Wander through its bustling aisles, savouring local delicacies, and embracing the rich cultural tapestry that defines Florianópolis.

Joaquina Sand Dunes: A Natural Wonder

oaquina Beach with pristine sands, crystalline waters, and people enjoying sandboarding on the iconic sand dunes.
Explore Joaquina Beach

Discover the allure of Joaquina Beach, nestled in the Lagoa da Conceição district, amidst a trio of Florianópolis' finest beaches. Marvel at its pristine sands and crystalline waters, perfect for invigorating swims and stunning photo opportunities. Venture into the iconic Joaquina Sand Dunes, where adrenaline-seekers can partake in sandboarding—an exhilarating outdoor activity offered by various rental establishments, catering to both novices and thrill-seekers alike.

Jurerê: Where Nature and Culture Converge

Jurerê Beach with sun-kissed shores, lush greenery, and beach clubs along the coastline in northern Florianópolis.
Discover Jurerê Beach

Explore the charm of Jurerê, a captivating beach and neighbourhood nestled in northern Florianópolis. Beyond its sun-kissed shores, immerse yourself in lush greenery, savour afternoon tea delights, and peruse the eclectic offerings at Jurerê Open Shopping. Uncover the historical legacy of Forte São João da Ponta Grossa, and bask in the vibrant ambiance of beach clubs dotting the coastline.

Your Journey Begins with Atlas UK Travel

Now that you've glimpsed the wonders of Florianópolis, it's time to experience them firsthand. Contact the Atlas UK Travel team today and embark on a tailor-made itinerary to savour unforgettable days amidst the natural splendour of Floripa. Let us craft an adventure that exceeds your wildest expectations and leaves you with memories to last a lifetime.

How do I get to Campeche Island from Florianópolis?

Accessing Campeche Island is an exclusive experience, reachable only by authorised boats departing from three different points: Barra da Lagoa, Armação, and Campeche beaches. These boats are licensed to disembark visitors on the island, ensuring a controlled and sustainable approach to tourism.

What activities can I enjoy on Campeche Island?

Is diving with turtles in Floripa suitable for beginners?

What attractions can I expect at Parque Unipraias and Laranjeiras Beach?

Are the Joaquina Sand Dunes suitable for all ages?


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