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Discover the Vibrant Celebration of São João de Caruaru – The World's Largest!

São João de Caruaru festival scene with crowds and decorations.
São João de Caruaru: Celebrate Tradition!

Welcome to the heart of June in Pernambuco, where tradition, festivity, and culture blend into an unparalleled celebration – São João de Caruaru, deemed as the Greatest and Best São João in the World. As the juncture of joyous gatherings and mouth-watering delights made from corn, this festival in Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil, stands as a beacon of cultural richness and unbridled merriment.

São João de Caruaru:

São João de Caruaru festival scene with colourful decorations and crowds.
Celebrate São João!

Since its inception in 1984 by the Caruaru Cultural Foundation, São João de Caruaru has blossomed into an extravaganza of local and national artists, spanning across various venues throughout the city, including its rural outskirts. Lasting for an entire month, from the 1st to the 30th of June, this festival epitomizes the essence of traditional Brazilian festivities.

Embracing the Celebration:

Embark on a journey from Recife to Caruaru, merely 160 km away, and immerse yourself in 30 days of fervent celebrations that extend into July. From captivating quadrilhas to mesmerising firework displays, São João de Caruaru offers an array of attractions that beckon both locals and tourists alike.

Giant Feasts:

Giant feast spread with traditional Brazilian delicacies at Caruaru festival.
Feast Extravaganza

Indulge in the grandeur of giant feasts, where traditional junina delicacies are crafted on a monumental scale, keeping alive the spirit of street festivities. Witness the culinary spectacle unfold as Caruaru welcomes visitors with open arms and plates full of delectable treats.

Caruaru Unveils Its Charms:

Catch a glimpse of the star-studded lineup for São João 2024 as renowned Brazilian musicians grace the stage of the World's Largest São João. Delve into the historical roots of this festival, dating back to 1854, when it was a humble village celebration, gradually evolving into the grand spectacle it is today.

Tourism in Caruaru:

 Cultural attractions in Caruaru, including Craft Fair and Museu do Cordel.
Cultural Gems Await

Beyond the festivities, Caruaru offers a treasure trove of cultural attractions waiting to be explored. From the bustling Craft Fair, the poetic Museu do Cordel, to the quaint Casa do Mestre Vitalino, every corner of Caruaru narrates a story of its rich heritage.

As June unfolds its vibrant hues over Pernambuco, São João de Caruaru stands as a testament to the region's cultural legacy and festive spirit. Come, be a part of this grand celebration, and uncover the charm of Caruaru amidst the jubilant rhythms of São João!

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What makes São João de Caruaru stand out as the "World's Largest São João"?

São João de Caruaru earns its title through its sheer scale and vibrancy. With 30 days of non-stop celebrations, a diverse lineup of local and national artists, and an array of traditional festivities, it's an unrivalled spectacle of Brazilian culture.

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What can I expect to experience during São João de Caruaru?

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Is São João de Caruaru suitable for families and children?


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